Urban regeneration project in Via Varesina, Milan


Certosa District, a major urban regeneration project, was carried out in Milan, specifically in Via Varesina, an area where several unused industrial buildings had been abandoned for many years. Today, in their place, we have offices, restaurants, shops, and green spaces accessible to all residents of the neighborhood.

At Via Varesina 204, we began with the remediation of an insulated, friable ACMs hung conduit, executed with dynamic structural intervention. Additionally, we performed the prior strip-out of a former office building and the decontamination of ACM-containing sheathing on industrial buildings with vaulted roofs.

We proceeded with the complete demolition of the office building, an industrial structure with iron and brick roofing, sections of industrial buildings with fiber-cement roofing, and sections of a building whose barrel-vaulted fiber-cement roofing with tie rods was preserved for subsequent reconstructions. Necessary construction works were also carried out to facilitate the demolitions.